Quantitative Easing- The process of buying assets to stimulate an economy. Assets could be anything with government debt to corporate debt. The goal is to spur growth, get consumers spending and to create demand.

Cost Push Inflation- Consumers are spending more in the economy and the money in the economy is being used at a higher velocity

Demand Push Inflation- Spurring demand by buying assets or pushing more money into the money supply.

The ECB is doing QE where they are purchasing government assets. Everything is done electronically and no actual printing of money. When we say ‘’printing” money, its just a saying we like to use to show how easy it's for Central Banks. The asset purchases happen and will end up in the Fixed-income market, also known as the Bond market. More money inside the fixed-income more equates to a lower % return. The higher the bond prices, the lower the yields. Central Banks will let the bonds mature or will continue reinvesting the earnings.

June 1, 2019
Fundamentals 101

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